Our Approach

Busy Bee offers a play-based preschool program, perfect for young children aged two – five.  Our schedule accommodates full-day attendance, and allows for free choice play in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

During the richest early learning experience, children become immersed in their own, imaginative worlds and creations, and for this experience to truly come alive, these children need play time. Often, children are introduced to academic learning concepts as the most important avenue toward learning and growth, and play is given a lesser role.

However, so much of what children learn, and how they learn, is conditioned by the activities & routines they enjoy each day – those play-based events that shape young minds.

An overly emphasized academic approach to learning at this young age is not the province of preschoolers; rather, youngsters must be supported as whole people, through authentic daily experiences designed to build independence, self-confidence, and conflict resolution skills. In this way, children are better prepared to enter the academic arena as true learners, ready to actively engage in the learning process.