Imaginative Play

We supply blocks, puzzles, games, dress-up clothes, art supplies, books, and much more – all available as children arrive in the morning. Our toys are chosen for their quality, open-ended play value, and most of all, an ability to meet the interests of our children.

During inside playtime, we sing, read, or choose a game to enjoy together. These activities give children a chance to practice taking turns, listening, sharing, and following directions. As part of our daily routine, project times give children the opportunity to accomplish creative and imaginative plans. Working individually or in groups, children are able to choose which projects they want to become part of. They may want to create Play-doh™, build in our woodworking area, listen to a story, paint a picture, plant seeds, or watch caterpillars become butterflies!

No matter which activities they select, children make the most of playtime here at Busy Bee.


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